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What has MainStreet done for Fremont?

Developed financial incentives to help downtown businesses expand, upgrade and reinvest.  MainStreet has helped to encourage millions of dollars’ worth of changes to downtown since 1994 and continues to encourage historic preservation and revitalization by working with building owners and offering our Facade Improvement Grants.

Secured grant funding to purchase new Historic light poles for the downtown district.

Purchased new benches and trash receptacles for the downtown area. Also purchased Christmas decorations for the district and continually maintain and update them.

Assisted in securing funding for renovation of Ilgenfritz Parking lot including landscaping.

Installed new Information Kiosks in downtown Fremont and continue to update them.

Worked with the City of Fremont on the development of the Downtown Revitalization Plan by Alley Poyner Macchietto in 2012.  Incorporated suggested improvements into our long term planning.

Developed and foster ongoing partnerships with the city government and the Downtown Improvement District.  MainStreet advocates for the needs of downtown business and building owners.

Installed hanging flower baskets, banners and plantings in the downtown district and developed plan for sustainability.

Secured Grant funds to purchase an Electronic Sign in the downtown district to highlight downtown events and communicate community events.  Advertising is sold to assist with our operating expenses.

Sponsored promotions in conjunction with downtown merchants that bring residents and visitors to downtown.  The promotions are designed to attract tourism and create opportunities for residents to explore downtown.  Some promotions generate immediate sales while others generate an awareness of the value in downtown.

Christmas Walk

Sweetheart Caramel Apple Fundraiser

Halloween Hysteria

Crazy Days Sidewalk Sales

Easter Egg Hunt

Charity Classic Golf Tournament

Can N Ball Classic

Reasons Why Downtown is Important

As a business center, the downtown plays a major role.  It represents one of the largest concentrations of businesses in our community and therefore, one of the largest “employers” in the city.

A downtown is a reflection of how a community sees itself, a critical factor in business retention and recruitment efforts.  If the downtown is neglected, outsiders will see this neglect as a reflection of the entire community and its citizens.

The downtown represents a significant portion of our community’s tax base.  If this district declines, its property will decrease in value.  This increases in the tax burden on other parts of the community.

The central business district is an indispensable shopping and service center. Though it may not be the community’s most dominant shopping center, it still includes unique shopping and service opportunities.  Law, accountant, and insurance offices as well as financial institutions are typically located downtown.

The downtown is the historic core of the community.  Many of the buildings are historically significant, and should be preserved to protect our community’s history.

The downtown represents a vast amount of public and private investment.  Imagine paying to recreate all the public infrastructure and real estate in a central business district and the negative fiscal impact that could have.

The central business district is often a major tourist draw.  When people travel, they want to see unique places.  There isn’t another downtown like ours in the world!

Downtown is a government center. It is where our city hall, county courthouse and post office are located.  This “one stop” shopping for government services is a notable feature of downtowns across the state.

And, perhaps most important, the downtown provides a sense of community and place.  As Carole Rifkind, author of Main Street:  The Face of Urban America said, “…as Main Street, it was uniquely America, a powerful symbol of shared experience, of common memory, of the challenge and the struggle of building a civilization…Main Street was always familiar, always recognizable as the heart and soul of village, town or city.”  In the end, this is why we revitalize our downtowns.


The Mission of the MainStreet organization is to improve the quality of life in Fremont by strengthening the Historic Downtown as the center of the community.  The goal is to encourage, promote and support our downtown’s economic vitality as well as the image and appearance of the downtown area.